Charitable Foundations

Throughout my years in real estate and living in Hudson, there have been many causes and organizations that have become near and dear to my heart. Below, I wanted to showcase just a few of the many worthwile and deserving organizations I hold close to me.


I grew up watching “Make Room for Daddy” starring Danny Thomas.  I found out at an early age that he had made a pledge to St. Jude that if he would “help him to find his way in life,” he would build a shrine to St. Jude.  In the years that followed, his career flourished, and he remembered his pledge.  With the help of other business people, in the mid-50’s he created the first fully integrated research hospital in the South, devoted to curing catastrophic diseases in children.  I have been an advocate and contributor to St. Jude ever since.  I would love to have you watch their video and see what you think. 

The Coldwell Banker® brand has teamed up with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help support its mission: Finding cures. Saving children.® As part of our partnership, I donate a portion of every transaction to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Of course, because my husband passed away, after a 10-year battle with the disease, I am a strong supporter and advocate for this organization.  The Greater East Ohio Area Chapter serves 17 counties, making care and support available to 60,000 people with Alzheimer’s in this area, and an additional 250,000 people affected through their role as caregiver.  Please take a few minutes to learn about this wonderful organization that is so dear to my heart.

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This amazing organization is very dear to my heart, not just because I am a cancer survivor, but because my younger daughter is also a cancer survivor from a very rare cancer.  We both feel so blessed and want everyone to know how this organization helps not only cancer patients, but also those families and friends who provide support to these patients.  Please think about supporting your local American Cancer Society.

Visit for more information, including local resources in Ohio.


I was only 10 years old when my father wanted our family to watch the movie “Boys Town” with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney, but it has stuck with me my whole life.  My father had begun working with the project in 1940, before its founder, Father Flanagan, passed away. Today It is not just a home for boys, but its mission is to change the way America cares for children and families, regardless of gender, race, or faith.  I would love to have you watch the video and see what they are all about.